About VivaQuity

The company’s team is small but dedicated. It grows organically with the business!

VivaQuity is a personal matter!

The VivaQuity-team also includes all those partners and service providers who stand by our side and share our ideas and contribute to the fact that things are moving forward!

Robert Kuchling

Managing Director

Robert Kuchling is an experienced marketing expert with a strong scientific background. He studied Veterinary Medicine at Humboldt University, Berlin and graduated with a Diploma Degree in Veterinary Science. After four years of research work in Molecular Biology and Virology he moved into the pharmaceutical industry.  He has worked in different management positions on the international market for ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and diagnostic devices for almost three decades. He has a special interest in chronic eye disease and the development of innovative tools for the support of eye care professionals in the prevention of those diseases.

Robert has been the Managing Director of VivaQuity Ltd. (founded under the name `SightRisk Ltd.`) since 2011.

VivaQuity Ltd. provides Irish and international eye care professionals and patients with state-of-the-art tool kits for the prevention and counter acting of chronic eye diseases.

Graham O’Regan

BSc (Applied Physics) BSc FSMC FCOptom

Graham O’Regan studied mathematics, physics and statistics at Lanchester Polytechnic (now The University of Coventry) before going on to qualify in Optometry at UWIST Cardiff (now The University of Wales) in 1977. For many years, Graham provided mobile optometric services in Gloucestershire UK.

The inability to perform accurate and essential vision tests outside the four walls of a high street optometry practice prompted Graham to create his first computer test chart in the late 1980s using Microsoft Windows. Having a particular interest in Visual Perception and psychophysics, he has gone on to develop specialised optometric tests for use on computers and mobile devices. These have enabled optometrists worldwide to perform accurate vision assessments in a mobile setting.

Vision tests include portable visual field tests, AMD specific tests including contrast and glare assessment, and macular pigment screening.  Tests for glaucoma suitable for mobile devices and the internet have also been developed. The software is in use in practices across the UK, France and in Australia and New Zealand.

More recently, risk management software has been developed for AMD, glaucoma and myopia.

The Maculux MPF screener is a unique tablet-based test to quickly and accurately assess an individual’s protection from high frequency visible light, in addition to providing an accurate value for macular pigment density.

Graham lives in the Loire valley, France and enjoys days away in a campervan with his wife Liz and their dog Watson, walking, cycling and gardening, vinyl-format music, and classic cars. He is a committee member for Folk Chaum Pas, a vibrant local folk and traditional dance group.

Tanja Pothig

Area Manager Ireland/United Kingdom

Tanja Pöthig is a professional speech therapist with post-graduate studies in English and Spanish philology, general linguistics and phonetics at the University of Cologne. She has extensive administrative and regulatory experience in the sales and distribution of medical devices in European markets principally in the German, Spanish and English-speaking areas.

She is presently managing the establishment of VivaQuity in Ireland and the United Kingdom.