The potential for remote vision testing and self-monitoring cannot be overestimated. The potential for early diagnosis is inestimable in terms of preserving quality of life and reducing the burden on hospital clinics and eye care professionals. Added to this are the challenges of reaching areas of the world deprived of eye care, for numerous reasons in today’s world. Figures reported by the World Health Organisation suggest 2.2 billion people worldwide are visually impaired, and 1 billion are forced to live with preventable or treatable conditions. The VivaQuity i-Visit has been created to enable eyecare professionals (ECPs) to perform remote vision tests, by means of Zoom or similar, which make up a typical eye examination (excluding imaging procedures). Emphasis has been placed on speed and simplicity of response. For example, the 160-point visual field test takes around 90 seconds, and the macular distortion tests require simple colour-coded responses. All responses are verbal and require no keyboard skills. In addition to numerous visual acuity tests, the VivaQuity i-Visit places emphasis on differentiating between the normal and the abnormal in the fastest possible time, enabling ECPs to determine the next plan of action, scheduled follow-up, referral for clinical investigation or self-monitoring. Where no other options are readily available, the ECP is provided with a means of remote subjective refraction and facial measurements.


 Available vision tests 

  • Record card 
  • External examination 
  • Ocular motility and tracking 
  • Phoria screen 
  • Refraction 
  • Optotypes 
  • Binocular vision 
  • Near vision 
  • Colour vision 
  • Contrast tests 
  • Visual fields 
  • Macular tests 
  • Patient information 
  • Low vision