DOC Symposium 2023

ebiga-VISION invited renowned scientists and eye doctors during the 35th International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgery (DOC, 2023 Nuremberg) to a satellite symposium dedicated to the vitreous body under the title:

“Look at vitreous- not just through it.”

Update on vitreous structure, metabolism, nutrition, function and therapeutic options for Vision Degrading Myodesopsia

The contributions and discussions of internationally and nationally renowned physicians and researchers reflected the latest findings on vitreous degeneration, its effects on visual functions and quality of life, and assess surgical and non-surgical therapeutic options for daily practice.

Below you will find further information as well as videos from the Symposium.


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J.Sebag, MD

Senior Research Scientist, Doheny Eye Institute, UCLA. Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA; Founding Director, VMR Institute for Vitreous Macula Retina; Huntington Beach, (CA) USA

Vision Degrading Myodesopsia – Diagnostics & Current Treatment Options

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Prof. John M. Nolan

Principal Investigator and Founder of the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland (NRCI), South East Technological University, Chair for Human Nutrition Research at the School of Health Science (Ire)

The FLIES study – Dietary intervention with a targeted micronutrient formulation reduces floaters and enhances vision-related quality of life and visual function of patients suffering from vitreous floaters.

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Podium discussion Panellists

Prof. Dr. med. H. Hoerauf

Director University Eye Hospital, Göttingen, (DE) – Moderator

Dr. med. Thomas Kaercher

Ophthalmologist, Heidelberg (DE)

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Welge-Lüßen

Ophthalmologist, München (DE)

Symposium videos

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Podium Discussion (34min)

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Foreword Robert Kuchling, CEO ebiga-VISION GmbH (7min)